Round Neck Classic Mens T shirt - Black

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Round Neck T-shirt - Black

Round Neck T-shirt is a style of unisex fabric and normally has short sleeves and a collar-shirts are generally made of a light, inexpensive fabric and are easy to clean. Typically made of cotton textile in a stockinette or jersey knit, it has a distinctively pliable texture compared to shirts made of woven cloth. Most modern versions have a body made from a continuously woven tube, produced on a circular loom, such that the torso has no side seams. The manufacture of T-shirts has become highly automated and may include cutting fabric with a laser or a water jet. The T-shirt evolved from undergarments used in the 19th century and, in the mid-20th century, transitioned from undergarment to general-use casual clothing. Made from quality cotton, our range of  T-Shirts are specially designed for easy wear. The Perfect Casual Shirt, are a timeless yet effortless way to exude class. Our products are cut to perfection and comfortable under any weather, keeping you trendy.

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